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sliderAction Combat

No mouse, no targets, controller friendly.


sliderFriendly Fire

No more "zerg" wars and button smashing. Even though there are many benefits (including formation bonuses) for partying with other players, a big, unorganized group will be it's own undoing.

sliderPlayer Driven

Become royalty, run your own village or follow a great leader. Rulers decide laws and consequences for what they consider bad behavior.

sliderSkill Based

New players can play together with veterans. Gear advantage is small and anyone can dominate.



Your time is respected. Start having fun the moment you log in. You're already at the destination.

Action Combat
Friendly Fire
Player Driven
Skill Based

A lightweight approach in the MMORPG genre

Overthrown is a lightweight 2D Online Action RPG that aims to be fun from the moment you join. A game that never feels like a second job while still scratching your MMORPG itch.

The game will feature several kingdoms which of one will be managed by NPCs and the rest managed by players. Each kingdom consists of several towns managed by other players. Kingdom rulers decide what is legal in their region while town elders decide what is allowed, for who in their town.

While there is a lot of effort put into the PvP aspects, PvE should also play a big role in the game.

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