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It's possible to be a hero in some regions while being a notorius criminal in others. Kingdoms can punish their criminals by limiting access to special areas and by making it legal to attack them. Towns however can punish them by limiting access to acitivies.



There's two levels of crimes: T1 and T2. T1 crimes apply to a specific character while T2 crimes apply for your whole family (account).


A crime is only a crime if you get caught! When commiting a crime nearby players will be asked to either report or ignore the incident. When killing a another player the victim himself has to report you in order for witnesses to be able to report the crime, because with friendly fire you might kill someone by accident.

Becoming a Criminal

In order to become a criminal your character has to receive a certain amount of reports. For example lets say you're required to have 4 reports in total to be considered a criminal. If you get reported twice for gathering something you're not allowed to gather and reported twice for killing a player you end up as a criminal in that Kingdom. Once you're a criminal in that kingdom you will be hunted by the kingdom knights.


Every role in the kingdom has their own responsibilities.

A Viceroy helps the king manage the kingdom when he's not around. A General is responsible for managing Knights and parties for military campaigns.

A Knight is mostly a PvP role. They have to fight escaping prisoners and criminals, and often help the king fight off overthrow attempts.


Rulers have to decide what is important. Manging the kingdom requires resources such as wood, stone, food and gold.

Special Areas

Every kingdom has special areas such as mines and dungeons rulers have to discover/recover. Rulers can decide the filters for access via laws.


Kingdoms can upgrade their castle to improve the chances of staying in power.

Citizen Bonuses

If the rulers believe happy citizens is a good way to remain in power they can invest resources into improving bonuses.



Once a criminal gets captured by a knight (defeated in PvP), he will be sent to prison. The sentence is calculated based on a number of factors including the crimes commited and time on the run.