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Action Combat

No mouse, no targets, controller friendly.

Friendly Fire

No more "zerg" wars and button smashing. Even though there are many benefits including formation bonuses for partying with other players, a big, unorganized group will be it's own undoing.

Player Driven

Run your own little farm or help a village run theirs. Craft the most powerful items in the game, find rare materials and stock cities around the world.

Skill Based

What you have does make a difference, but hardly decides the outcome.


We try to apply this principal everywhere it makes sense, for example: character skill count, character progression, daily rewards etc. The idea is to keep the feeling of obligation and "falling behind" as low as possible and enable new players to get into the game quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

No more rushing through the content to reach the elusive "good part of the game", you're already at the destination! While there's character progression that could make older players stand out from newer ones, there's nothing that stops them from having equal fun together.

  • Straightforward character progression,
  • no repetitive daily quests,
  • clean user interface,
  • easy to learn, but hard to master,
  • easy to follow battles,
  • no mandatory quests,
  • low button requirement (no mouse, controller friendly),
  • player skill beats gear,
  • jump in and out fast, never feel overwhelmed, and
  • no grind to get to "the good part".