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  • Maintains artisan stations
  • Designs requirements for everything using Access Control
  • Manages town contracts
  • Adjusts tax
  • Fortifies town

A captain is the head of the guards and is responsible for protecting the elders from overthrow attempts by forming defense groups and leading the battles.


A guard helps protect plantations, patrols around the town making sure criminals are not causing havoc and so on.


Towns can be upgraded by using the resources gathered by the players. Upgrades a very important to keep players happy and to increase your chances of maintaining power. Towns can improve or add warehouses, walls, towers, artisan stations. Housing limit is also something that is icreased via upgrades.

Crafting & Item Upgrades

Every town has a crafting house with a number of crafting benches. The amount of benches depends on how many the town is willing to pay for. Each bench can have a different set of rules and prices.


To craft on a bench, both players and the crafting house require a blueprint for the item being crafted. Blueprints have durability and will eventually wear out. The players blueprints wear out at a faster rate than the crafting houses counterpart.

Usage Terms

Like with my other actions in the game, crafting can also be access restricted by using the Access Control Tool. Every bench can have their own set of rules.


Queue means every bench is usable by only one person at a time. Queue is the reason why crafting is additionally priced with a minute rate and why usage is time limited. The queue is one of the ways to avoid individual towns turning into hotspots. It should not affect your everyday life in the majority of towns, depending on how much the town elders invest into adding more benches. This means more popular towns need more benches to keep up with the demand.

Bench Examples

Bench #1 Example:
Price per minute: 50g

Usage Terms

  • Citizen of Kingdom #1
  • No criminal history in Kingdom #3 in the past 10 days

Bench #2 Example:
Price per minute: 4g

Usage Terms
  • Guard in Kingdom #1

Player Housing

Player housing is available to players with a certain amount of Citizen Points in the surrounding kingdom and meeting all the requirements set by the Town.


Plantations are used to provide resources for towns which in turn is used for town upkeep costs. Plantations could be involved in World Events such as monster attacks on crops etc. Players can help towns tend the farms as part of contracts, but also sabotage the farms if they want to.


The current plan is that every town has storage which is usable by everyone. There are currently no plans to attach Access Control to storage, however as access to the town can be limited you might have to sneak in when someone with permission opens the gate.