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Item Drops

When you die there's a chance you will drop some of the items from your inventory, except ones you have placed in "safe slots". We have not yet decided if any equipped gear will drop, but most likely no. The reason is simple: as gear gives little advantage in Overthrown, having equipment drops enabled means most players would never risk running around with their best equipment on, which would mean naked people everywhere.

Friendly Fire

Friendly fire is one of the methods we plan to use to avoid player hotspots and careless button smashing. It also promotes team coordination and strategy. Damage to party members however is greatly decreased. Every player is able to resurrect another player within a set time period to help make up for accidents. However damaging the tombstone of another player will reduce the time available for resurrection.


Crime Popup

Whether or not killing another player is considered a crime is explained on the kingdom page. Witnesses cannot report someone for a murder crime unless the victim confirms that was the case.


PvP Match

There's a number of PvP arenas across the game world. They differ visually, but all work the same way. Players can create matches, bet items, spectate other players and climb leaderboards.