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Access Control

One of the ways to reduce the occurances of KoS (kill on sight) and other player alienating actions is to introduce consequences for these actions. What these consequences are is completely up to the players. To be fair it's possible to create a town rewarding criminal activity if the players in power believe that's the way to go, but in general towns rely on players and players rely on towns. This tool allows rulers of towns and kingdoms to limit access of players who do not meet a set of requirements to certain features in the game. Access control can currently be attached to crafting benches, town gates, item upgrading, automatic citizen or guild member acceptance.

World State

Access can be controlled by current weather, time of day and more.

Player History

Every important action the player takes is logged and these log entries can be used to determine who is allowed to do what. As an example this allows town elders to determine if newer citizens can craft for lower prices and if ex-criminals should pay more for upgrading items.

Players State

Players current state can be a number of things. Some examples: kingdom job, class, criminal, level, beginner.